Rotary die-supplies

Here we present some of our new solutions for rotary die-cutting like Trimsaver2-System, Power Lock or our premium quick release clamp.

Rotary die-supplies from A&M

The TrimSaver 2 System

TrimSaver® applies pressure to the whole surface of the trim area and blocks any gap in which small waste can get stuck. 

Features & benefits

  • The system’s superior performance can save up to 66% on trim waste by reducing the total sheet size by an average of 2%. 
  • TrimSaver® applies pressure to the whole surface of the trim area and blocks any gap in which small waste can get stuck.
  • Lower pressure and lead edge impact reduces anvil cover wear as well as stress on both die and machine.
  • This advanced 3-step process of pressuring, blocking and ejecting provides advanced control and results in a perfect cut every time.



THE revolutionary clamping tool to support and fasten rules.

With ease adjustable. Guarantees a perfect fit and eases the replacement of rules.

Quick Release Clamp Premium

Best possible material properties due to highly precise manufacturing at the extruding process of ground materials.

The benefits:

  • Available in all common diameters
  • Best dimensional stability
  • Unbreakable
  • Mounted pressed steel threads
  • Double sided milled chamfered edges

Fixing parts for rotary rules

Provides a perfect fit for axial cutting lines, retrofitted without any extra cutting jobs.


Handles for mounting on the dies. Enabling easy and secure transport.

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