Plotter Accessories

Depending on the application and customer requirements, we offer you a large selection of make ready foils/papers and drawing films.

Plotter Accessories

Choosing the correct film is essential.

The most widespread drawing films are made of polyester as a base.

In an elaborate process, the surfaces are refined so that there is a perfect balance between enough roughness necessary for the printing and the perfect transparency for quality control.

In addition to the longevity of the films they allow the perfect handling. They can be applied and removed countless times without leaving marks or any residues.

Surely, A&M also offers triplex foils which consist out of 3 layers. The composition of the triplex foil consists out of a layer of paper, a layer of foil and another layer of paper. This sandwich form allows the benefits and properties of the calibrated make ready paper, but additionally moisture resistant.

We also offer the classics like the calibrated make ready paper and the carbon paper.

Accessories like the renowned Fischer “Space Pen”, make ready tapes and blades are also in our product portfolio.

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Did you know… The “Space Pen” is perfect for space but just good enough for us.

The Space Pen or Astronaut Pen is a ballpoint pen developed by the Fisher Space Pen Co. for space missions and therefore works reliably in space under conditions of zero gravity.

Paul C. Fisher founded the Fisher Pen Company in 1948. In 1953 he developed a universal ballpoint pen refill that fitted into most ballpoint pen models and was very successful on the market.

In 1966 he developed and patented the ballpoint pen refill for the first space pen, the Fisher AG-7 (the acronym stands for "anti gravity"). The mine uses thixotropic ink paste, which is under pressure, so that it also flows in zero gravity (or against gravity).

(Source: Wikipedia)

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