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Digitized company

As a future-oriented company, the use of state-of-the-art technology is essential in our company: therefore both our order processing and production are now completely digitized.

Digitized order processing

After the receipt of order, the stock is checked automatically via the link to our ERP system. If the required goods are available in sufficient quantities, the order will be released and is then transferred to the tablets in our warehouse with the exact material location and the quantity stored there. 

Fully automatic maintenance

The picking of goods by our employees now occurs with the help of a digital contro slip: both the shelves and the articles themselves are marked with a label. As soon as an employee removes an item at the appropriate storage location, both labels are scanned, which enables fully automatic inventory maintenance.

Minimal error rate

If an employee scans an article that is not part of the order, an error message appears, as well as if he scans a different number of pieces, which reduces the error rate to a minimum. The goods are then packaged: using the stored article information such as dimensions and weight, a delivery note can now be created directly and the order can be picked up by the carrier a short time later.

Production 3.0

Our production is also completely digitized: based on the current inventories and dispositions, the production manager creates a production plan, which is automatically transmitted to the machines as a production order. The orders are now processed by our employees using the tablets as their digital control slip.

Meanwhile, a timetracker runs, which allows a detailed post-calculation, which includes not only the required production time but also the raw material and consumption. As soon as the production manager has closed the order, a transport order is sent to the forwarding company, which then delivers the goods.

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Satisfied costumers

Service is very important to us: As a long-standing partner for the die-making and die-cutting industry, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority at all times.

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Digitised company

As a forward-looking and striving to Perfection Company, the use of state-of-the-art technology has become indispensable in our operations and flow of processes as well: order processing and production processes are now completely digitised.

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