Creasing matrix

A&Max - our precision creasing matrix system made from pressboard or plastic - is available in a variety of different sizes. On request, we can also supply you with further dimensions.

A&Max offers the following advantages:

  • Customizing the creasing matrix effortlessly with the knives
  • No fading on the cutting plate by adhesives with extreme high adhesive force
  • No snagging cartons trough the bevelled edges
  • Optimal solution for any cardboard or corrugated board’s thicknesses
  • Locator for different creasing rules dimensions
  • Great adhesiveness even at high temperatures
  • Easy to remove the foil through Easymount

At A&M our customers enjoy multiple benefits from top service, best consulting, technical know – how and that with flexible terms and short delivery times. A&M is your one stop shop for Creasing Matrix.

Our A&Max creasing matrix in overview:

A&Max AB: High quality creasing matrix made of pressboard, film base

  • A&Max AB
  • A&Max SV: With chamfered edges inside, reduces the tensile stress and avoids cracking of the material
  • A&Max S: Extra small with 3 mm pressboard width instead of 6 mm
  • A&Max ABC: AB on reels
  • A&Max OC: Off-Center – for narrow spaces between rules, 2mm Pressboard width at the straight edged side

A&M Classic: Precision strips made of plastic on a steel base

  • A&Max Classic
  • A&Max Classic Off-Center: For narrow spaces between rules, 2 mm width at the straight edged side
  • A&Max Classic Multicrease: Total width= 12 mm
  • A&Max Classic Reverse Bend: For reverse creasing

A&Max Fix: Precision strips made of plastic on film base

  • A&Max Fix
  • A&Max Fix Multicrease
  • A&Max Fix S: Extra narrow 3 mm width instead of 6 mm
  • A&Max Fix Off-Center: For narrow distances between rules

Selection of the A&Max-dimensions


  • Carton thickness = Pressboard thickness = 0,4 mm
  • Creasing rule thickness = 0,7 mm

Channel width = Creasing rule thickness  + 1,5 x carton thickness 


Creasing rule                              0,7 mm
Carton 0,4 + 0,2 (= 50%)           + 0,6 mm
                                                = 1,3 mm
Dimension: 1,3 x 0,4 mm

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