Ejection materials

A must for every die: Specially designed rubbers to eject perfectly for all applications. You will find a wide variety of premium rubbers here at A&M.

Ejector materials for Individual requirements

Depending on the requirement there are three different groups of rubbers used:

  • Blank ejection
  • Waste stripping
  • Creasing support

Generally the ejection rubber should not be compressed more that 50% of its height. We recommend a value of maximum 40%. Furthermore the quality of the cut is influenced by the right choice of wood thickness and the specifications of the ejection material.

Blank ejection

Most effective rubber for this application is A&Mneo (Neopren). It is designed and developed for a long life and it reaches the afforded rebounce although the consistency is relatively. The board is ejected fastly without ugly and unwanted pressure marks.

Technical features of A&M Neo

  • Basis: CR (Chloroprene)
  • Cell structure: closed cell
  • Weight: 300 +/- 40 Kg/ m³
  • Compression deflecion: 96 - 306 kPa / mm²
  • Hardness (ASTM D2240) : appr. 50 Shore 00
  • Durability: < 5 years
  • Rebound resilience: very high
  • Fatigue: very low
  • Optimized compression deflection for ejection of corrugated
  • Operrating temperature: up tp 100  °C
  • Elongation: > 200 %

Waste Stripping

There is no reason to avoid material deformation at waste ejection. Main objective is to obtain the highest possible pressure level on the material.

The rubber has to gain more force and pressure. For this application we recommend to use G900. This material is based on EPDM with a very small closed-cell structure.

G900 was developed specially for the die making industry, as a waste ejector. In opposition to most Materials for this application on the market.

Technical features of G900

  • Basis: Synthetic / EPDM
  • Cell structure: closed cell
  • Weight: 270 +/- 50 Kg/ m³
  • Compression deflecion: 120 - 265 kPa / mm²
  • Hardness (ASTM D2240) : appr. 60 Shore 00
  • Durability: > 5 years
  • Rebound resilience: very high
  • Fatigue: very low
  • Optimized compression deflection for ejection of corrugated
  • Operating temperature: up tp 150  °C
  • Elongation: > 120 %
  • Rubber coating for slots / Cellpolyurethane (example. RG50)

Slotting affords very special requirements on the ejection material. Because of the very small space between the cutting rules in these areas there’s accordingly less space for rubber and the forces keeping the waste are much higher than in other areas. So the rubber must have maximum rebound resilience and minimum elongation. Cellpolyurethane fits perfectly to these requirements and is additionally extreme durable.

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