Nicks help you to easily move the boards and to keep the waste together. The art is to have enough nicks to fulfill its purpose and as less as possible to not disturb the appearance of the end product.

Nicking by A&M

Correct positioning and usage

After the die-cutting process the nicking points are still visible. Therefore is the fist rule: As many as necessary and as less as possible. Positioning of the nicking points should be done filigree, not to change or impact the optics of the product.

The material composition and moisture level play does of course play a role. A foil coated board would react differently as for example a normal corrugated cardboard.

Placing Transport Nicking points

As many factors including the material properties and compositions could change throughout the process it could be necessary to place more nicking points. To get the maximum solidity from the nicking points there should always be a grinding machine or special tool to be used.

In our online shop you will find great electrical grinders specially designed and made for the die making industry. We also provide a wide range of high quality BA discs as well as diamond coated grinding discs.

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For placing nicking points between jobs, we offer a great product that is proudly made in the United States from our partner Ameriken. The “Speedy Nick” has several nicking tips that allow a super and easy method to place nicks without damaging the ejection rubber. Make your nicks fast, make them “Speedy”.  

A&M “Speedy Nick Pro” consists of:
1 x Speedy nicking tool Jr. for 2 pt rules,
1 x Speedy nick tool for 2 and 3 pt rules and a collection of tips raging from 0,2 – 0,8 mm

Part no.: 55-SPEEDY-PRO

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