The Art of Die Making!

A&M visited Die – Techs (Alliance Group) in Seattle to consult and prepare for the future...

The Art of Die Making!

A&M visited Die – Techs (Alliance Group) in Seattle to consult and prepare for the future... As times are changing are we also seeing that the raw materials are changing, machines are getting more sophisticated and faster, yet, are we seeing that most of the dies are still made in the same way and manner. As nothing is wrong in doing it the traditional way, should one adapt new technics and improve the quality of rubber and look into the future.

As the Box Making machines run faster and raw materials have more recycling materials and to top it off are the glue ratios getting more, is the question if the rubbers on the market are still up to the task. And if yes, for how long?

The Challenge:

A 66 inch rotary die that should run on an Ward ServoGrafix machine. B-Wave, Cross Corrugated, Highly complicated, long runner with a wish for higher speeds.

When this job was made with conventional rubbers and with the standard and known heights, did several problems arise: Cracking, warping, crushing, non-ejecting trim causing bursts and marks.

The Solution:

Designed for maximum dynamic pressure and high-performance speeds – as ejector for sheet transport.
Comes with multiple densities and geometries for any kind or size of slots. Also used as high speed and durable profiles for creasing.
The powerhouse when it comes to compression and deflection speeds. Can be used versatilely, literally.
A Polyurethane foam based rubber with an all new cell structure. Higher Density, incredible speed.
The revolutionary system for an incredible trim result. Not even the smallest of trim have a chance.

Part list:

1. Rubber:

1.1 83-18-210 (21 mm)
1.2 83-18-190 (19 mm)
1.3 83-18-127 (12,7 mm)

1.4 86-50-190/D15 (19 mm / RG 50)
1.5 86-35-160/D15 (16 mm / RG 35)
1.6 86-65-190/D15 (19 mm / RG 65)
1.7 86-35-110/110P00
(11x11 mm Profiles / RG35)

PTC in 16 mm / 25 shore A
1.8 86-PTC-25-160

A&M Neo
1.9 83-17-160/H (16 mm)

2. Parts used on Die

2.1 51-00-060 Powerlock
2.2 51-00-025 Drive in Washer
51-00-050 Fixing Part for Rules

2.5 88-10-050 Powerglue
50-SO-026 Premium Mallet
2.7 20-00-007 T-Nut
10-00-011 Location washers


The result:

Speaks for itself!

The whole Story:


The Crew:

Justin Hennings
Technical Implementation

Die Techs / Alliance Packaging


Sebastian Nowak
Concept & Direction

A&M Stanzformzubehör

  Rene Geyer
Consulting & Interview

A&M Stanzformzubehör


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